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Apatite is a rare gem.   You'll seldom see in retail jewelry stores, but this gem is quite popular in the gemstone trade.  We picked up some extremely nice pieces at the 2012 Tucson show.    You seldom see large faceted Apatite gemstones, it only rates 5 on the Mohs hardness scales, making it one of the softer stones.  IGYSL does not recommend Apatite for everyday wear.  If you insist on having in jewelry, please limit to earrings and necklaces as opposed to bracelets and rings.  Based on popular demand, we are now offering Apatite Rings, but do stress to folks to please take care when wearing Apatite Rings or Bracelets.  You will damage the stone easily if you're not careful.  Especially for extremely active people.   We offer great prices on Apatite, but the supply is quite limited.  

Apatite comes in a range of colors.  We carry fine Neon Greenish Blue Apatite from Madagascar, Colombia, Brazil and Sri Lanka

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