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Natural Colored Diamond Bracelet

All of our Natural Colored Diamonds Bracelets are 100% natural and among the best of the best.   

  • Natural Purple Diamond Bracelet
    Natural Purple Diamond Bracelet.  Argyle Investment Grade Diamonds Here's your chance to own the best of the best!  One of a kind, purple diamond bracelet.  From 'I Got Your Silver Lining' Fine Jewelry's...

    $99,999.00 $42,900.00
  • Natural Fancy Colored & Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet
    Multi-colored natural Diamond Bracelet Here's your opportunity to own a 'Multi-colored natural Diamond Bracelet, with over 22 carats'.  Only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds are colored diamonds (red, purple, orange - most...

    $124,583.00 $48,000.00
  • Natural Fancy Yellow Bracelet
    Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet  An amazing, one of a kind at IGYSL Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet contains 34+ carats is waiting for a home like yours. This very important piece of jewelry...

    $198,206.00 $65,000.00
  • Natural Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelet
    Natural Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelet There's very few individuals in the world that can say they own a 25 carat Natural Fancy Pink Diamond Bracelet as there are very few in the market today. We are so pleased to bring you...

    $564,867.00 $190,000.00

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