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Natural Colored Diamond Earrings

  • Argyle Mine Natural Pink Diamond Earrings - 18KT
    Gorgeous Argyle Pink Diamond Dangling Earrings - Investment Grade!  Don't miss an opportunity to invest in Argyle Pink Diamonds while owning a beautiful piece of jewelry. These Argyle Fancy Pink Diamond Dangling...

    $19,772.00 $12,500.00
  • Argyle pink and white diamond earrings
    Brilliant Fashion Forward Argyle Pink Diamond Earrings Our designers have crafted beautiful Argyle Pink Diamonds into brilliant, fashion forward round shape style earrings that measure a little over 1.5 inches from...

    $21,494.00 $14,869.00
  • Natural Fancy Pink and Yellow Earrings
    Fancy Light Pink and Yellow Earrings Here's a pair of beautiful Fancy Light Pink and Yellow Earrings. The price is extremely reasonable for what you're getting too. Don't miss out, we only have 1 pair in stock. We also have...

    $10,843.00 $3,450.00
  • Argyle Pink Diamond Earrings
    Argyle Fancy Pink & White Diamond Earrings Check out this beautiful Argyle Fancy Pink & White Diamond Earrings. Where else can you go and find earrings for less than $8K?  Don't miss out, we only have 1 pair in...

    $15,700.00 $6,800.00
  • Pink Diamond Earrings
    Argyle Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Hoop Earrings Fancy colored diamonds have significantly increased over the last decade, 445% over the last 10 years. Fancy Colored Diamond investment is a long-term investment...

    $14,008.00 $5,750.00
  • Natural Yellow Diamond Earrings - Argyle Mine Material
    Yellow Diamond Earrings. Australian Fancy Yellow Diamonds Here's your chance to own one of the hottest and exquisite new commodities on the market today, Fancy Color Diamonds.  As part of the IGYSL Collection,...

    $9,649.00 $6,030.00

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