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Garnet Gemstones; Garnet Loose Gemstone

Garnet is a durable gemstone (ranking 7 on Mohs) making it an excellent choice for all types of jewelry.  

When our clients previously thought about Garnet, visions of dark red stones came to mind.  However, many more varieties of this gemstone family exist.  Such varieties include Demantoid Garnet (most rare & valuable) & Tsavorite Garnet (2nd most rare & valuable). In recent years, the Madagascar surface of a special variety of Color Change Garnet includes 'Blue to Red' or 'Bluish to Purple'.  It is quite an extraordinary stone and demands a premium for fine, first strike material.  This discovery forced gem books owners to update when they previously advised that Garnet came in about every color except for Blue.  The Madagascar material also triggered pockets of the trade to rethink their general expectations and understanding around the Garnet Family.  

IGYSL Fine Jewelry offers all Garnet varieties in different carat weights, cuts, shapes and color hues.

No need to look elsewhere, IGYSL Fine Jewelry has the best products (value for money).  Especially if you are looking for investment grade or musuem grade colored diamonds or gemstones.  We claim it's the beste value for the money because on top of the gemstone being top of the line, we reminder clients to take advantage of our wholesale promotional pricing for a limited time.  This is part of a special program that we are running for our loyal client base and potential clients.  


*Treatment Disclosure: N 


  • Demantoid Garnet - Top Gem Grade
    Demantoid Garnet Loose Gemstone - .50ct Round Cut Based on this month's pricing guide, you can own a $750 Retail Value top gem material for less than $250. This gemstone has VS Clarity, Excellent cut, Strong Saturation and...

    $750.00 $249.00
  • Red Pyrope Garnets
    Red Pyrope Garnet Loose Gemstones   Buy All Garnet Varieties (Pyrope, Demantoid, Tsavorite, Color Change, Mandarin) at  I Got Your Silver Lining (IGYSL) Fine Jewelry. All purchases include complimentary...

    $149.00 $41.00

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