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Opal is a hardened silica gem (usually contains 5-15% water).  It's noncrystalline vs other gemstones.  In gemology, Opal's crystal form is amorphous and can be found in sedimentary rock, such as ironstone and sandstone or running as vein thry igeneous rock.  There are 2 varieties: precious Opal, which shows flashes of color (iridescence), depneding on the angle of viewing and common or "potch" Opal, which is often Opaque and displys little to no iridescence. Opal ranks 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it must be treated with care.   

As part of our IGYSL Collection, we carry fine Australian Solid Black Opal, Crystal Opals and Boulder Opals, loose gemstones and fine jewelry items.  You can't beat our prices.  We buy directly from Australian, so we cut out the middleman.  We don't believe in hiking up our prices like most retail jewelers.  

We have also started carrying Africian Opals.  We stock loose gemstones as well as finished jewelry pieces.  

As part of our Up and Comer's Collection, we do carry Opal doublets, which is a least expensive option to the Solid Black Opals.  Our Doublet jewelry items are still lovely gemstones and offer an alternative for those who do not wish to make a larger investment.


  • natural black opal
    Australian Solid Black Opal Australian Solid Black Opals Gemstone & Jewelry at 'I Got Your Silver Lining (IGYSL) Fine Jewelry' when only the best will do.  Complimentary Shipping & Personal Shopping...

    $2,000.00 $700.44
  • australian black opals
    Australian Solid Black Opals Straight from Australia and part of our IGYSL Special Reserve & Tucson Collection, here is a 'Solid Black Opal (1.98ct, 10.5x7mm, Oval Cut) Loose...

    $3,000.00 $1,050.44
  • australian black opal
    Australian Black Opals Here is a lovely 'Solid Black Opal (1.67ct,11.3x9.2mm,Oval Cut) Loose Gemstone' with Greenish Base,with beautiful various Blue, Yellow and Green Hues/Flashes' from Australia...

    $2,000.00 $699.44
  • australian black opal
    Lovely Solid Black Opal Straight from Australia & part of our 'IGYSL SPECIAL RESERVE & TUCSON COLLECTION', here is a 'Solid Black Opal (1.52ct,11.5x9mm,Oval Cut) Loose Gemstone' with Bluish Green...

    $2,120.00 $725.44
  • australian black opals
    Multi-colored Black Opal Matched Pair Straight from Australia, here is a 'Solid Black Opals Matched Pair (1.37ct, 7mm, Round Cut)' with Blue Base and beautiful Yellow, Orange and Red Flashes'. We can help you get...

    $1,750.00 $675.44

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