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Product Offerings

We offer the following Product Offerings at I Got Your Silver Lining (IGYSL) Fine Jewelry:

- IGYSL Collection - This is our elite, premiere collection that features top of the line, investment grade natural colored diamonds and colored gemstones.  Our diamond collection includes 100 percent, all natural colored diamonds. Our suppliers acquire these stones directly from the best mines in the world such as Australia and South Africa.  We only carry conflict free diamonds!  We specialize in the Argyle Mine material, Investment Grade, natural color diamonds as our top priority.  We also have top grade natural colored yellow diamonds from the Ellendale Mine (also out of Australia) that produced over 80-90% of all investment grade yellow diamonds and has recently ceased all operations.  Our investment grade diamond gemstone collections feature the same quality as renowned design houses in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta.

Our IGYSL Collection also offers natural colored gemstones.  These include some of the rarest loose colored gemstones and finished colored gemstone pieces offered in the United States.  All of our gemstones are natural minerals, straight from Mother Earth and are fine to the finest gem quality. We do not sell synthetics or lab created gems. 

We stock "finished" jewelry and loose diamonds and gemstones.  We also offer design services for those who want input for their top of the line jewelry items.  All IGYSL Collection products can be found in all our Natural Color Diamonds, Fine Gemstone Jewelry and Loose Gemstones categories.  

- Up and Comer's CollectionWe are pleased to introduce IGYSL's "Up and Comer's Collection", which consist of all natural colored gemstones in Platinum over Sterling*.  To minimize cost, your natural colored gemstones are mounted and nicely finished with Rhodium, member of platinum group.  Enjoy all the benefits of owning Platinum without breaking the bank.  You do not have to worry about your jewelry tarnishing.  That special item will look brand new repeatedly.  Platinum is also kind to the skin, the purity of platinum combined with our nickel free sterling ensures 100% free hypoallergenic.  

The majority of our Up and Comer's Collection jewelry can be in our Fashion Jewelry category but some of our higher quality Australian Opals and Pearl as well as other higher quality gemstones pieces can also be found in our Fine Jewelry Gemstones product category. Each item is classified in the product description.  


* Or Vermeil (Gold over Sterling Silver)















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