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Terms and Conditions

I Got Your Silver Lining Fine Jewelry is JBT Listed (#02625283), a member of American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC).  As part of these elite memberships, we must go the extra mile to protect our clients and ourselves.  

In addition to our membership commitments and advice of our merchant credit card processing service, we want to continue to keep our prices as low as possible and cannot incur credit card reversal charges.  Most importantly, we want to protect you, as our client.  In the future if you make additional purchases, then we will already have a trusted relationship to build on.  Thus, once we have all this information on file, we will not require this documentation for every single purchase. 

We may require the following for new clients with credit card and personal check purchases made in person as well as orders received from our ecommerce channels.  For ecommerce client, upon receipt of these signed terms and conditions, your order will ship out immediately.  

Clients purchasing from IGYSL Fine Jewelry agree to the following terms and conditions:

IGYSL Fine Jewelry has a generous 30 day no hassle return policy.  If you do not love your purchase, you are welcome to return in the original condition for a full refund. We will even cut you a check to cover your return shipping fees (return shipping fees are only covered for domestic clients, in the lower 48 US).  

- I agree not to stop payment on my personal check (pre-approved clients onlys only may purchase with checks) made to IGYSL Fine Jewelry.

- I agree to provide a copy of a government issued ID, if requested. I understand that this is only intended to protect the client against potential unauthorized purchases as well as IGYSL Fine Jewelry.  

- If my order is $1K+ (or any amount at the discretion of Wenrick, Inc. paid with a credit cards), I agree to provide a copy of the credit card statement charge to Wenrick, Inc. This is generally reserved for new clients, but not necessarily limited to.   

- I understand that IGYSL Fine Jewelry may ask that I provide the credit card phone number and account number as well as a copy of the actual credit card. I understand the IGYSL Fine Jewelry reserves the rights to follow-up with the credit card company to ensure the charges have been made by the card holder.  

-    I understand that IGYSL Fine Jewelry reserves the right to provide a copy of these signed terms and conditions to the credit card company. 

By ordering a physical product, gift certificate, appraisal or bench jeweler services, I agree with the terms and conditions of Wenrick, Inc. By ordering, it is the same as providing a virtual signature.

In some cases, Wenrick, Inc may ask for a physical signature that is scanned, fax or physically mailed to IGYSL.  My order may be held until this information is received by Wenrick, Inc operations team.   

Effective immediately, we will not accept orders from or ship to Mail Forwarding Centers.  Don't even ask!  In fact, your emails will be ignored and we will keep your money.  No, actually we will credit the form of payment because it's most likely credit card fraud.    

We apologize for any inconvenience but IGYSL Fine Jewelry has recently received credit card disputes that look to be fraud related. We track IP addresses and not onlyprovide that detailed information to the bank for the counter disputes, IGYSL Fine Jewelry will also contact your local law enforcement if you attempt to buy our products with a stolen credit card or without approval from the cardholder.  

We take credit card security very seriously at IGYSL Fine Jewelry and have taken extra measures by working with an external credit card processing company to ensure the actual credit card holder is making purchases from us.  Much of our inventory is extremely high end and secured at an external location, we will make arrangements to deliver your purchase via a secured courier. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************

For well qualified clients, we offer I Got Your Silver Lining Fine Jewelry In Store Credit or pre-approved checks purchases. Please contact us for additional information.   

Yes, we do take Bitcoins (electronic currency) for payments. Bitcoin prices are based on daily USD rate. To convert Bitcoin to USD, we leverage http://preev.com/.  You can purchase Bitcoins using your PayPal or credit card account via  Virtual World Exchange (VirWox) and LocalBitcoins.  Bitcoins can also be easily purchaseed thru Coinbase  or Circle.

We are working to integrate a formal bitcoin merchant portal into our main website, so bear with us and understand that we will ask that you send bitcoins directly to our IGYSL Digital Wallet. We know that this is not ideal and plan to have a more sophisticated solution implemented in 2016.  

You must read, then check the T&C's box prior to placing your order. We may require a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions prior to mailing your ecommerce order, especially for high end ticket items. These conditions protect the cardholder as well as IGYSL Fine Jewelry.

We challenge you to find investment grade colored diamonds and gemstones for a better value.  We have given up margins to help substantiate our actions and reward the good honest folks wanting to experience the IGYSL Fine Jewelry family difference and establish our footprint in the marketplace.   

Shipping and Returns Policy:

Doing business with IGYSL Fine Jewelry is always risk free. We offer a money back guarantee that includes free shipping. If you do not love it, return it* free too.  Returns items received in their original condition, within 30 days of delivery, will receive a full refund.  We only refund your original form of payment.  No, we will not send you bitcoins, check or cash.

You should expect to receive your refund within a few days as verifying the returned merchandise. 

Please note that our natural colored diamond pieces are one of a kind pieces but we have several similar ones in inventory.  If the actual piece that you have ordered is not available, we will ship one of that is equal or of greater value.   

Please note that if we size a ring, we can not accept returns.  

 Additional Shipping and Return Information: 

We can ship to virtually any address in the world for the actual postage cost. We do not add "handling fees", this is part of our job. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and we do not ship to certain international destinations (e.g. Cuba, Burma, Indonesia).

We include professional graded appraisals with all our natural colored diamond, fine colored gemstone jewelry and loose gems sold.  In many cases, a GIA certification or equivalent lab certification is also included.

Complimentary shipping applies to domestic USPS Priority Shipping. Clients who request expedited shipping may incur additional fees. We also reserve the right to charge standard rate shipping charges for approved International purchases.  

* If we have altered the piece, we can not accept returns.   

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