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Colored gemstones rings in varies sizes, colors, cuts, carat sizes.   

  • green emerald quartz and white topaz ring
    Green Emerald Quartz Ring  Buy Quartz Jewelry at I Got Your Silver Lining Fine Jewelry.  Complimentary Shipping & Personal Shopping Concierge Services on all purchases. Take advantage of our wholesale...

    $249.00 $39.44
  • Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring
    Amethyst, Garnet and Diamond Ring Check out this 'African Amethyst (2.50ct, Oval Cut), Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond Ring (3.25ctw)'. It's an affordable, natural multi-gemstone ring that's set in Platinum over...

    $325.00 $70.00
  • Australian Opal Ring
    Australian Doublet Opal Ring We are featuring this 'Australian Doublet Opal (9x6mm) Ring' set in Sterling Silver, Size 6.75 as part of our promotional pricing.   Doublets are natural Opal merged with a non-opal...

    $500.00 $139.00
  • Australia Opal Silver Ring
    Dazzling Blue-Green Australian Opal Silver Ring As part of our 'Up and Comer's Collection', here's an 'Australian Doublet (13x8mm at the deepest point, Freeform Cut) Ring' in Sterling Silver. This is a ring size 7...

    $600.00 $139.00
  • Baltic Amber Silver Ring
    Baltic Amber Silver Ring: Baltic Amber Jewelry We are offering this beautiful 'Baltic Amber (Oval Cut, 14x10mm) Ring', set in Sterling Silver, in a ring size 6.5 as part of our Fashion Jewelry line.   Baltic...

    $199.00 $59.99
  • Blue African Opal and Diamond Ring
    Blue African Opal and Diamond Ring 'Blue African Opal (2.45ct,Oval & Cab Cut) and Diamond (~.15ctw, Round Cut) Ring' set in Platinum over Sterling Silver (2.68 grams), in a ring size 7. This a very rare hue for...

    $699.00 $249.00
  • blue and white spinel
    Blue and White Spinel Ring Do not be fooled by those old high school class rings that contain synthetic Spinel, into thinking this is the flagship for all Spinel: this could not be further from the truth.  Beauty,...

    $499.00 $199.00
  • Blue and White Topaz Ring
    Sterling Silver 'Blue (6 carat, Oval cut) and White (accents) Topaz Ring'.   This ring weighs approx. 11.7 grams and is a size 7.5.   

    $499.00 $148.00
  • Citrine & Halo Diamond Ring
    Citrine & Halo Diamond Ring Here is a 'Citrine (1.65ct, Emerald Cut) & Halo Diamond (0.30ctw) Ring' set in Sterling Silver, size 7. Part of our 'Up and Comer's Collection'.   Don't forget to check out our...

    $399.95 $130.00
  • Dark Citrine Ring
    Here is a 'Brilliant Dark Citrine (6.94ct, Round Cut) Ring' set in Platinum over Sterling Silver, size 7. This is a huge ring & the gemstone is cut by a famous lapidary, Ben Kho. Citrine is the yellow variety...

    $899.00 $249.00
  • Amber Ring
    Buy Dark Orange Amber Artisan Crafted Jewelry Online Shop Dark Orange Amber, Artisan Crafted, set in Sterling Silver at affordable prices at IGYSL Fine Jewelry. Amber jewelry is a perfect gift idea for that someone special...

    $75.99 $24.44
  • Designer Ruby and White Topaz Ring
    Designer De Buman Ruby and White Topaz Ring Buy Designer Jewelry at 'I Got Your Silver Lining' Fine Jewelry at promotional wholesale prices.  All clients receive complimentary shipping, appraisals and concierge...

    $499.00 $49.44

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