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Sphalerite - Investment grade!

  • Sphalerite Loose Gemstones
  • Sphalerite Loose Gemstones
  • Sphalerite Loose Gemstones - Back View
  • Sphalerite Loose Gemstones - Bottom view
  • Sphalerite Loose Gemstones - Side View
  • Sphalerite Loose Gemstones

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Sphalerite Loose Gemstone - Investment Grade!

Here's your opportunity to own the best of the best when it comes to rare, investment grade gemstones.  We are offering this rare tri color, reddish golden yellowish brownish orange Sphalerite that is Oval Cut, weighing 5.91 ct.  This is investment grade material, this is not the run of the mill gem quality Sphalerite.  As you would expect for investment grade, this material is eye clearn, which is extremely clean material.  The photos featured were taken at 40x magnification.  Lastly, this material is 100% natural, straight from Mother Earth.  Such a beauty, such a wonder.  Don't miss this opportunity to own the best and immediately be sky rocketed to elite gemstone collector status.   

Sphalerite is a mineral that largely contains zinc. It's very rare to find this mineral in gem form. Most of the material is opaque. The most valuable Sphalerite has orange and brownish yellow orange hues. The straight yellow hues are also uncommon and can demand premium prices as far of Sphalerite goes. Sphalerite is a very soft gemstone, only ranking 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. The premium gem quality varieties are mostly collected by the serious gemologist or gem collector. IGYSL Fine Jewelry is pleased to bring special varieties/hues of Sphalerite. Mostly the Spanish material.  We do not recommend that this gemstone be set into jewelry, definitely not a ring or bracelet. It could be set in earrings or necklace for occassional wear.  

Sphalerite is a mineral of strength and vitality. Sphalerite can be used to balance and ground the energies between the higher and lower chakras. Moreover, Spahalerite is excellent at promoting clarity, ensuring that the wearer or carrier is most able to determine the truth about problems or issues. It provides terrific insights and perspections ensuring it's owner is on the correct path for success. Spahalerite is also known to increase sexual energy has well as enhance one's creativity, especially when writing or drawing. Anything right brain oriented. Lastly, Spahalerite has also increased energy levels for top athletes or anyone focused on pushing the limits in the gym or on the ball field.  

*Treatment Disclosure: Not Enhanced (NE)

Sphalerite Loose Gemstones

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