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Sunstone is a calcium rich species of plagioclase feldspar, sometimes with copper or hematite inclusions and traces of iron; 32% Albite, 68% Anorthite.  Sunstone, when viewed from certain directions, it exhibits a brilliant spangled appearance, which led to its use as a gemstone. Sunstone is found in some United States localities, the most valuable from Oregon.  In fact, it is the official gemstone of Oregon.  

Our Sunstones are from the Ponderosa Mine in Oregon.  Oregon Sunstones come in a wide range of colors, such as Red, Orange, Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Green, Bi-color and Tri-color.  The Bi-color/Tri-color can be any of the Sunstone colors in combination.   The better the color separation, the more desirable the stone. Some of the bi-colors very strongly resemble Alexandrite, others the reds of Spinel while others resemble Tourmaline and Andalusite.  Bi-color, Tri-color and Red Sunstones are the most valuable of all the Sunstones.     

Sunstone formed and crystallized in ancient volcanic flows; Oregon sunstone is unique among gem feldspars due to the millions of copper platelets.  In the trade, this is called the schiller phenomenon. Thus, the schiller effect is responsible for the inner light apparent in Oregon Sunstone.  Oregon sunstones can be up to three inches wide. The copper leads to variant color within some stones, where turning one stone will result in manifold hues: the more copper within the stone, the darker the complexion.   

Our Sunstone's are 100% all natural, no enhancement for color whatsoever.  Sunstone is 6-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Refractive Index (RI): 1.560 – 1.572, Specific Gravity (SG): 2.69-2.72 and Cleavage: Perfect two directions. 

Some believe Sunstone to have metaphysical properties.  Sunstone, believed to attract positive energy, as well as cleanse all the chakras, linked to the solar plexus chakra specifically. Traditionally Sunstone is linked to good luck and good fortune as well as happiness and joy.

For additional information, check out this article/report from GIA.  http://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/FA13-oregon-sunstone-pay

  • Reddish Pink Oregon Sunstone
    We are offering this 'Reddish Pink Oregon Copper Sunstone' loose gemstone as part of the Tucson Collection. This trillion cut weighs 1.0 ct & is Reddish Pink, with Yellow, Orange and Red flashes. Stone looks...

    $1,000.00 $249.00
  • Pink Copper Sunstone
    Pink Oregon Copper Sunstone We are offering this lovely Pink Oregon Copper Sunstone loose gemstone. This round cut weighs .36 carats and is Pink, with Yellow and Orange flashes. This gemstone is clean and...

    $225.00 $65.00
  • Pink Oregon Sunstone
    Pink Oregon Copper Sunstone We are offering this lovely 'Pink Oregon Copper Sunstone' loose gemstone.  This round cut weighs 1.2 carats and is Pink, with Yellow, Orange & Red flashes. This...

    $899.00 $245.00
  • Yellow Oregon Sunstone
    Oregon Sunstone Loose Gemstones & Jewelry We are offering this lovely 'Yellow Oregon Sunstone Loose Gemstone'. This emerald cut weighs 2.5 carats and has beautiful Yellow hues, with Orange flashes when held at...

    $599.00 $115.96
  • Greenish Yellow Round Copper Sunstone
    Oregon Sunstone Loose Gemstone We are offering this lovely Greenish Yellow Oregon Sunstone (Round Cut, 2.0 ct) Loose Gemstone, from our IGYSL Collection.  In certain directions, you see very strong Greenish hues,...

    $499.00 $98.00
  • Bi-color Oregon Sunstone - Loose Gemstone
    We are offering this very important Bi-color Oregon Sunstone (trillion cut,.73 ct) loose gemstone. It is Green and Red, similar to Alexandrite, but at a much more affordable price. This is an excellent...

    $600.00 $299.00
  • Red Oregon Sunstone
    We are offering this lovely 'Red Oregon Copper Sunstone' loose gemstone.  This round cut weighs 2.57 carats and is bright Red, with additional Red hues and Orange flashes. This gemstone is extremely...

    $3,100.00 $750.00

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