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Topaz comes in a variety of shades.  The most valuable is Imperial topaz (golden yellow Topaz and pink Topaz colors).  Many other varieties of Topaz are color treated.  IGYSL offers some beautiful, natural Imperial Topaz loose gems and finished jewelry pieces.  

Blue Topaz is also very popular in the marketplace.   Just for the record, it's generally expected in the trade for Blue Topaz to be color treated, although I have seen some natural blue topaz gems: we currently do not have any on hand though.   Just make sure who ever you buy from clearly indicates what treatment a gemstone has undergone.   At IGYSL, like every other jeweler, we offer Blue Topaz which has been irradiated.  Irradiation is a process that changes colorless Topaz to sky blue, vibrant Swiss Blue and Dark gray-blue called London Blue Topaz.  Authorities in the US and Europe demand a certificate of origin for irradiated Topaz.  The purpose is to control distribution of treated stones and ensure they are free from dangerous levels of radioactivity.  Also, producers are legally required to lables their gems with detailes of irradiation process.  All our or Irradiated Blue Topaz is safe and very inexpensive!

Topaz composition: aluminum fluorohydroxysilicate.  Crystal structure: Orthorhombic.  RI: 1.62-1.63.  Luster: Vitreous.  SG: 3.49-3.57

Hardness: 8 Mohs, Sources: Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Sir Lanka, Burma, Mexico

  • Swiss Blue Topaz Matched Pair
    Swiss Blue Topaz Matched Pair Gemstones Experience the IGYSL Fine Jewelry difference.  We carry the rare, unusual, unique & all of our gemstones are either fine gem quality or investment grade.  Clients...
    $225.00 $45.00

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